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PostHeaderIcon Damian Elero's Story Chapter 4: A New Family 1471

Chapter 4: A New Family 1471


The wind finally stoped blowing but the rain didn’t stop.

“What’s your name?”

“I’m… I’m Damian.” He said through chattering teeth, he was soaked through and shivering.

“I’m Antonino.” He made sure his boat was secured before standing up. “Now, let’s get you home.”

“I don’t have a home.”

Antonino smiled. “I meant I’m going to take you to my home. Come on.” He started to walk away from the docks, followed closely by Damian.

PostHeaderIcon An Assassins Life II: Family Chapter 1 Roma 1490

Chapter 1: Roma 1490

Two years have passed since I came to Roma with Ezio and Damian and I am still a novice and will probably always be one.

I knew everyone in the order except the two Assassins that were the second and third best in the brotherhood.

One of them I hated as soon as I laid eyes one him, there was something about him that made me uneasy.

The other, he was more like myself, quite, and distant, almost like he was carrying a burden, a pain of the past. I wanted to help him, but I didn’t know how.

PostHeaderIcon Damian Elero's story chapter 3 A New Home 1471

Chapter 3: A New Home 1471

Damian kept the horse going through the countryside. He needed to find a way to leave the country without being noticed by his father or some other Templar or being caught, because then it would be all over.

As the sun began to set Damian spotted a smallish cave and led the horse over to it.

Looking around to make sure no one had followed him Damian hopped off his horse and walked into the cave, looking around to make sure that there was nothing in there that would hurt him later on in the night.

PostHeaderIcon An Assassins Life Chapter 11: Damian 1488

Chapter 11: Damian 1488

Three weeks had gone by since I had got hit by the crossbow bolt, and my wound was fully healed.

There is a small scar as a reminder of what happened, but it would be like it almost never happened.

Ezio had come to check it every day to make sure it was kept clean and did not infected.

I guess you could say I enjoyed his company, it had been eight years since I last saw him and I wished to strengthen my friendship with him.

PostHeaderIcon Damian Elero's Story Chapter 2: Betrayal 1471

Chapter 2: Betrayal 1471

Five years have passed since Damian was forbidden from leaving the castle, and now he was a Templar, and one of the very best in the world.

Damian looked up from the pile of papers in front of him as he heard a knock on the door. “Come in.”

Gidon opened the door and walked into the room, something griped tightly in his hand.

“What is this?!” he tossed the paper at Damian.

“It’s just a paper, why do you ask?”

“It’s covered in your hand writing and has sketches for the Assassin’s hidden blade on it!”

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