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PostHeaderIcon Dark Shadows Review

Read at own risk, as it may contain spoilers.


Quiet a good movie in my opinion, and the acting by everyone was spectacular.

The main character of the movie is Barnabas Collins(aka, Johnny Depp) who is a normal boy at the beginning of the movie who moved with his family from Liverpool to the New World where he and his family set up they’re home there, only later on when he is older, there’s this… “witch” that takes a fancy to him and the result is her killing his parents and then when she finds out he loves someone, she kills her as well and then curses Barnabas and turns him into a Vampire.

He spends the next two centuries in a coffin before he comes back and then find’s himself in 1972.

And now, I shall stop writing spoilers and let you go and watch the movie for yourself.

All in all, a great film and I enjoyed it a lot.



PostHeaderIcon Gold Coast Supernova 2012

Just some of my pictures from the Gold Coast Supernova.

2012-04-22 Gold Coast Supernova 2012 021   2012-04-22 Gold Coast Supernova 2012 004

2012-04-22 Gold Coast Supernova 2012 003     2012-04-22 Gold Coast Supernova 2012 063

2012-04-22 Gold Coast Supernova 2012 071   2012-04-22 Gold Coast Supernova 2012 076

2012-04-22 Gold Coast Supernova 2012 073  2012-04-22 Gold Coast Supernova 2012 080

2012-04-22 Gold Coast Supernova 2012 0352012-04-22 Gold Coast Supernova 2012 066


Have a look at my Flickr for more photos.

PostHeaderIcon 23 August 2011 Emergency 2.0 Wiki Launching

emergency2.0wiki_logo_v2Yes, I am in the building with the people who are setting it up and getting it ready to publish it to the world!

It’s all being set up in the Brisbane City Council building, Australia, and I was brought here with dad, because he’s one of the people working on it.

It’s info for those who need help and need to find out info about some natural disasters and what to do if they happen and stuff like that.

It’s on Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Wiki, and a heap of other sites on the web.

Soon this Wiki will be published to the web of the world!

All of them are a great team and work well together along with the odd photo being taken every now and again. ;)

Basically it was started in February when we had the all huge floods that destroyed a lot of buildings in lower Brisbane, Toowoomba, and a heap of other town’s and city’s, and shortly after the floods upper QLD got hit with cyclone Yasi and it destroyed a heap of buildings, then Christchurch in New Zealand got hit with a huge earthquake and then Japan got hit first with a earthquake then a tsunami and then their nuclear power plant had problems, and then there were a heap of tornados in the USA.

This site holds emergency contacts and info on what to do if you get hit with a natural disaster, they are connected via the web and have real time updates all the time.

This is a volunteer run wiki, and it has tips for the public all over the world on how to protect their house’s from bush fire’s, cyclone’s, and flood’s, how to share information, how to find life saving tools and contact info for emergency services  like Ambulances, Fire and Rescue, Police and other emergency services along those lines.

And Emergency 2.0 Wiki is now online for the world to see!!!


I hope you liked and read my blog post readers of the world.

Miranda Out!

PostHeaderIcon painting

Saturday i went painting mini figures.

here are some photos.

it was fun.

the heroes.

the dwarf.


the barbarian.


the elf.


the wizard.


the evil gargoyle.


PostHeaderIcon Photos.

today i took photos with dads huge camera.

first we put a hole in a bottle.  2009-08-12 Water Splash Photos 271

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