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PostHeaderIcon When Worlds Combine: Prologue


There are four known realms in this universe, there are possibly many more, like there are undiscovered planets. But for now, let’s just stick with the ones we know of.

The first realm we know of is our own, it goes by the name “the human realm.” Then there is the Dragon realm, where the terrifying beasts that spew forth fire from their mouths amongst other things, reside.

Then there is the Elven realm, where the elves reside, along with fairies and the majestic centaurs. After that came the Vampieren realm, where the vampires and creatures of the night lived, hardly anyone dared to travel there, it wasn’t safe.

But then again, only one person had ever travelled between the realms and come back alive. He had said that it got harder the further you went, and that it was like walking over a tightrope that had a bottomless void below and that it felt like he was walking through quicksand all the while.

When he came back to our realm, he gave an account of his trip, and then retired, no one knows where he went, or if he’s still alive.

But lately, the gap between the realms have been shrinking, making the passage easier and easier. No one knows what this means, or if it’s bad.

It seems the realms are going to combine… For good.


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PostHeaderIcon Thanks for the post.

Thanks for the post.

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Your welcome :)

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