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PostHeaderIcon When Worlds Combine: Chapter 1

~~Chapter 1: Human Realm~~

It was the year 2245AD and the whole world was at peace. Of course, that’s what they made us think, made us believe anyway. There was still small, secret wars fought all over the place, but they were kept hidden from the public, so as not to scare them.

Because, to be perfectly honest, this world was on the brink of collapsing.


Ashe quickly deleted the file and then stood up from where she’d been crouching before going and melting into the crowds, she had been requested to go and meet up with possibly the most wanted person on the entire planet.

Of course she was scared, she knew hardly anything about this person, almost all files that were held about them were classified and only the government could access and look at them, so, it was nearly impossible for Ashe to see them, let alone read the contents of the files.

‘Why me? I mean, seriously, I’m just like any other person here, just… Normal and boring… Not to mention very shy and quiet…’ She sighed and shook her head before jumping onto a turbo lift and catching a lift up.

Once up at the level she needed to be, Ashe began walking along the footpath towards where she had parked her hover bike, only to find it gone and a notice hovering in its place. Ashe sighed and grabbed the notice and looked at it before groaning. “Not again… That’s the third time this week…”

Ashe deleted the notice and then began to trudge along towards the nearest car yard. This has the third time in this week alone that her bike had been “destroyed” by a turbo taxi. Either the drivers never noticed her bike, or they were just careless and didn’t care at all about another person’s transportation.

When she arrived, the car yard was pretty much empty, but there were a few turbo taxies still parked in their slots, each one charging for the next shift. But Ashe ignored them and headed over towards the office box to speak with the manager of lot.

“Oi! Is anyone in there?!” She asked, while banging on the door. Getting no response, she growled and began to stalk away only to hear the door open.

“Yes?” The man looked like he was half asleep, his face haggard.

Ashe growled and stalked over to him, grabbing him by the front of his shirt and slamming him into the wall. “Your bloody turbo taxies destroyed my bike! Again! And that’s the third time this week! If you don’t replace it and stop destroying it, I will sue your company!”

The man froze before he slowly nodded. “R-right away miss! W-what brand of hover bike was it you were after?” He replied, picking up the phone with a shaky hand.

She growled. “The standard model. With a black paint job.” He nodded and then made the call, looking scared the entire time.

Ashe watched him, letting go of his shirt and just folding her arms over her breasts, watching as he hung up and set the phone down. “Well?”

“T-the bike will be here tomorrow…” The man said, looking more terrified of the purple haired girl in front of him.

The girl growled. “I will be here to pick it up in the morning. If it’s not here…” She clenched a hand into a fist, drawing a knife out of thin air. “You will suffer.”

The guy whined and nodded like crazy. “It’ll be here! D-don’t you worry!”

She glared and put away the knife. “Good.” Ashe shoved him back into his office before stalking back out to the footpath and walking away towards where the meeting place was set at.

Thankfully the meeting place was only twenty minutes away. Unthankfully, it decided to start pouring.

Within two minutes of it raining, Ashe was soaked through and she had to run to get to the meeting place, despite not being able to see a thing within five feet in front of her.

She managed to get to the dinner on the edge of the city as the rain started to let up some, but not a lot, of course, she was still soaked.

The dinner was empty when she walked in, of course, it was old and run down, not even any rats lived in it, which wasn’t normal.

Shivering, Ashe wrapped her arms around herself and walked around the dinner. “H-hello? I-I was asked to come here to meet someone…”

“Were you followed?”

The girl jumped and spun around, drawing one of her knifes and looking around in fear. “N-not that I’m aware of…”

“Good.” There was a thump before there was the sound of someone dusting off their clothes.

Ashe spun around to look towards the sound, trembling in fear. “Who… Who’s there…?”

The person walked forwards out of the shadows, a hood covering her face and flaps of material flapping as she walked. “The names Rose. Miranda Rose.”


Miranda, Ashe © Me

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