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PostHeaderIcon my seconde book last page

this is the last page of my book.

hope you like it.


“Fine if this does not work than maybe this will.” Said Gadzooks held her tail blade to Spyro’s throat.

“Don’t you dare.” Said Cynder as she saw Gadzooks tail blade at Spyro’s throat.

“Oh I dare.” Said Gadzooks as her tail blade just nicked his throat.

Suddenly a purple blur flew through the air and pined Gadzooks body to the ground.

“Gretel?” Asked Gadzooks as her eyes started to change from red to yellow.

“Yes it is me Gadzooks and I am sorry I have to do this to you.” Said Gretel as Gadzooks got trapped in an earth dome and it got closer to Gadzooks body until from the outside it look like a statue of Gadzooks laying on the ground.


Out came Gadzooks with a confused look in her eyes as her body started to change between silver and black.

“D... Dad are you all right?” asked Gadzooks as she saw Spyro standing awkwardly with Cynder’s help.

As Malefor saw all of this he decided that he should end Gadzooks life right now.

And as he flew faster downwards towards Gadzooks body he used Dragon Time.

And as he landed by Gadzooks and stabbed her in the chest slicing her heart in half.

“See if you can save her now.” Said Malefor as he flew off into the sunset.

“Uh.” Said Gadzooks as her body shrunk down to her normal size and her body turned silver, her eyes yellow, and her belly green.

And her life blood was pooling all around her body as Gadzooks was dying.

“Gadzooks my baby.” Cried Cynder as she held Gadzooks head in her arms.

“M... Mum I am so sorry for what I did to you and dad. Will you forgive me?” asked Gadzooks s Spyro came over to Gadzooks and he stroked Gadzooks head as she was dying.

“Uh.....” said Gadzooks as she stopped breathing and left this world forever.

“You will be remembered Gadzooks.” Said Spyro as he placed Gadzooks body into the grave he had dug for her body.



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