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There were bright lights everywhere, very distant and mute voices could be heard, but I didn't notice anything except the pain in my chest as I closed my eyes and just slipped away.
"Damnit! We're losing her!" The man looked over at the equipment, everything beeping like crazy, then back at the girl in front of him, the arrow protruding out from her chest.
"Get the defibrillator!" The nurse nodded and quickly walked over to the large box and brought it over as the doctor carefully removed the arrow and placed some bandages over the wound.
'Oh God, please don't let her die on me.' He brought up the pads and placed them on her chest before channelling the electricity into her heart. "Again!"  He did it twice more before the machines beeped at a normal pace, signalling that her heart was running at a normal pace again.
"Doctor, I think we have a problem." The nurse was looking at the make of the girls' clothing and then at her weapons. "I don't think she's from this time."

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Incredible points. Sound arguments. Keep up the good effort.

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