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PostHeaderIcon To Dance

I quietly slipped on the gauzy outfit, the top only covering my breasts, while large sleeves covered my arms, coming down into a band around each wrist. The belt with the little metal disks was around my hips, the large gauzy bits of the fabric covering the front and backs of my legs, while coming down to rest just below my ankles.

I had fastened a small bangle around each ankle before putting on a small amount of make up on my body, to hide my scars from the sight of the others. While I was not ashamed of my scars, I knew they would attract unwanted attention to myself, so I made sure to carefully hide them.

Glancing at my reflection in the mirror, I almost gasped at what I saw. I looked nothing like my normal self, the clothes making my body looks slimmer than it really was, I looked attractive and the way my hair fell in ringlets down over my shoulders and back gave the look a stunning finish.

Smiling, I quietly left the house and made my way to the town, where I was off, to do what I did best. And that was to be sexy while killing Templars. And boy, was I good at that.

Of course, the Templars never ever looked good, so, I never really spared them… Okay, I lie. Damian was a sexy Templar… He’s still sexy, just not a Templar any more… Hafiz is sexy, he used to be a Templar, but he’s still very sexy… And to think, I live with both of them…

Shaking my head, I gave a small smile and continued towards the market where I knew my target would be, enjoying the festivities. Sadly, because of the material, I wouldn’t be able to conceal a weapon on myself, but I don’t need a weapon to kill a single man, I have other ways.

I knew people were staring at me as I moved through the crowds with ease. As I think about it though, if I hadn’t become an Assassin, I would probably have been a belly dancer.

There was music up ahead, and as I listened to it, I could tell it was the kind belly dancers danced to. So, I now had to hope my target was nearby and watching the dance, otherwise it could take a while to find him in this crowd.

As I moved closer to the group of dancers, I spotted my target. He was a large man, clearly one who enjoyed good food, as his girth was twice the size of a normal mans. But there was power in his arms, so I shouldn’t underestimate that.

Once I was with the dancers I began to slowly move towards my target while dancing in time to the music as the other dancers did, the gauzy fabric flowing around me as I moved my hips and the rest of my body. But to be honest, this was so much better than fighting, it was relaxing, yet at the same time a good workout.

I saw the man glance over at me and gave a small smile, batting my eyelashes at him in a flirty way. I had never flirted before and I didn’t have any plans on cheating on Hafiz, but at the same time, I was going to use myself to lure my target away. I knew for a fact that most men thought with their jewels when they got excited.

The music began to get faster, thus making all the dancers move faster, and since I didn’t want to blow my cover, I moved faster also. After a while of this, the music finally slowed and stopped, allowing myself and the rest of the dancers to come to a finish, giving a small bow at the same time to the crowd, whom had all clapped once the dance was over.

I followed the dancers back towards where they had their tent and glanced over my shoulder to see that my target was following from a distance. I gave a small smirk and moved away from the group and into a side alley, watching the rest of the dancers move past. I was hoping that my target had seen where I went, as it’d make things easy, but I knew that things were never easy.

As the crowd moved away to see something else, the man walked to the entrance of the alley and looked around before moving down it, walking towards where I was leaning against the wall, the gauzy fabric clinging to my body and showing off more than I wanted to.

‘What’s a pretty girl like you doing in a place like this?’ He asked as he came over, his beefy hands going towards my body, while I moved away from them.

‘I could ask you the same thing.’ I replied, noticing that his eyes were wandering over my body, I bet he was thinking all manner of dirty thoughts, the way his tongue darted over his lips. I didn’t want to wait any longer so I slowly began to move further into the alley, the man following.

‘You’re all alone girl, and I think you deserve a little fun.’ The man said as he got me up against a wall, his hands placed on either side of me. I knew what he was planning, and I wouldn’t have none of it.

‘Sorry buddy. But I’m already married and have kids.’ I ducked down under his attempt to kiss me and keened him in the groin, watching him quickly drop his hands to hold his manhood as he made a whimpering noise. Moving quickly, I pulled the sash free from his belt and put it around his neck, strangling him. He fought back of course, trying to pull the fabric free of his neck, while managing to get me with a few punches, I grunted as he caught my hip, but I kept up my grip on the fabric.

I watched as he started to make weak gasping noises, starting to look like a grounded fish that floundered about on land. I kept up the pressure on his windpipe, watching as his efforts to get free began to stop, his punches becoming like those a baby would use on a parent when it was upset.

The man gave a very large shudder before he went limp and became a dead weight. I grunted as he fell backwards onto my legs, causing myself to fall down into the sand as the man’s corpse trapped my legs.

After a small struggle, I managed to free myself and get back on my feet. Looking around to make sure no one was nearby, I left the alley and began to make my way home through the town, the hot sun beating down from above. This was one of the first missions I had completed in this new town.

Jerusalem was my new home now, and I was still loyal to my brotherhood no matter what. But the thing that commanded my loyalty before the brotherhood was my family and children. If I had to protect one, my family and children would come first. No matter what.

Once out of the town, I began the trek to my home that was the outside the outskirts of the city.

To be with my children again, there was nothing more I could ask for.


Miranda, Damian © Me
Hafiz © *sooner7

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