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PostHeaderIcon Damian Elero's story chapter 3 A New Home 1471

Chapter 3: A New Home 1471

Damian kept the horse going through the countryside. He needed to find a way to leave the country without being noticed by his father or some other Templar or being caught, because then it would be all over.

As the sun began to set Damian spotted a smallish cave and led the horse over to it.

Looking around to make sure no one had followed him Damian hopped off his horse and walked into the cave, looking around to make sure that there was nothing in there that would hurt him later on in the night.

Seeing nothing he let his pack drop to the sand and sat down as well and took a swig out of his water bottle.

After looking after his horse he took some stuff out of his pack and started fiddling with it, while watching setting sun.

Once it got dark Damian pulled his cloak around his shoulders and curled up in the sand before falling into a restless sleep.

Somewhere just before dawn Damian woke up with a start. Looking around quickly for any sighs of danger while reaching for his sword Damian jumped a little to see his horse’s carcass and a sleeping mountain lion.

Getting up slowly and grabbing his pack Damian started to make his way slowly towards the entrance of the cave, without making a sound, or at least he tried. His shield banged against his sword.

The lion yawned slowly, showing off its huge fangs. Damian froze in place, waiting to see what the lion would do next.

Turning it head slowly the lion looked straight into Damian’s terrified eyes.

Time if there was any felt like it crawled to a stop as Damian slowly started backing away from the lion, hoping it would not chase him.

The lion yawned again and turned away from Damian and went back to sleep, it had had a good feed the night before and just wanted to sleep it off, and besides it could not be bother to chase a boy.

Damian walked quietly out of the cave before running off, getting away from the area as fast as he could.

If his map was correct then he was another day’s ride away from the dock, or at the rate he was going another two days walking till he got there.

Sighing he slowed back down to a walk when the cave was out of sight and hitched his shield onto his arm.

The day past surprisingly quickly and Damian got to the docks by nightfall.

Finding a ship heading away from the area Damian snuck on board and looked around for a place to hide.

Finding a spot behind some boxes, Damian climbed over them and hoped into the space and fell asleep.

The ship set sail the next morning away from the coast but towards another country, also over run with Templars, that place was Italy.

Over the next few days the boat ride was fairly calm, almost arriving at Italy before the storm struck.

The waves tossed the ship about wildly, the wind howling around the prow of the boat, right before the mast snapped.

Damian woke up to feel water lapping at his feet, he jumped up and raced to the steps leading out of the hull of the ship, almost being blown over board by the wind.

Looking around for anyone, Damian realized that the crew had abandoned ship.

“Damn…” he ran towards the side and dived in, just as the ship sank.

Swimming to shore was no easy thing with waves nearly five meters high.

Damian started to tire, his arms and legs growing heavy. He just wanted to close his eyes and let the sea take him, but that was not what fate had in mind for him.

Just as he slipped under the surface a hand grabbed his wrist and hauled him to the surface and onto a boat.

Coughing up water Damian looked up at his rescuer. “Thank… thank you…”

“Don’t mention it, just try to stay alive.” He looked ahead as he guided his boat back into the safety of the docks.


Damian, Man © Miranda

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