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PostHeaderIcon Damian Elero's Story Chapter 1: Secrets 1466

Chapter 1: Secrets 1466

Wandering the streets of Jerusalem Damian was a young boy, no more than ten years old, yet he had a secret that he could tell no one, not even his own father.

Sighing he started to make his way back to the castle, where his father, the Templar in control of the city, and the surrounding area was, waiting for his son to get back for his training.

Arriving at the castle and walking into the court yard, Damian knew he was in trouble, as a tall man wearing armour with a surcoat with the red cross of the Templar on his chest came walking over. “Damian! Where have you been?!”

“I was just taking a walk in the village…” he cowered.

“Well, you’re late for your training young man!” Gidon bellowed.

“I’m sorry father, I’ll do better next ti--…” he was cut short as Gidon slapped his face.

“From now on you will be staying at the castle! No more going to the village!” he gestured to one of the knights standing nearby. “Gilad, here will be staying with you from now on to keep an eye on you as I can no longer trust you, my son.” he turned and walked away.

Damian looked down at his boots as tears welled up in his eyes, he wiped them away quickly because if his father saw them he would only punish him more.

Gilad placed on hand on Damian’s shoulder. “Come on kid, it’s time for your training.”

Damian sighed as he made his way over to the training ring, grabbing his shield and sword.

Gidon was waiting for him in the ring, sword in his hand and a shield on his other arm.

“I hope you will make up for your disappearance in training.”

“I’ll do my best father.”

Gidon looked at him from the slits in his helmet. “From now on you’ll address me as captain or sir, understood?”

“Yes sir.” Damian held his sword ready, and his shield up to his face.

“Then let us begin.”

Damian charged at Gidon while swinging his sword at him. Gidon blocked with his shield and swung his sword at Damian, logging it deep into his shield.

Damian ditched the shield and swung his sword at Gidon’s leg, getting it right in between his armour.

Gidon cursed and dropped his sword and bashed Damian aside with his shield.

Damian jumped back and watched him intently.

“You win this round, boy.”


Damian, Gidon, Gilad © Miranda

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