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PostHeaderIcon book two page one.

this is my second book.

i hope you like it.



Parents: Spyro and Cynder
Name: Gadzooks
Gender: Girl
Colour: silver with an emerald belly and gold crests
Elements: fire, healing flames, lava
Personality: kind, loves hanging out with her friends, and making new friends.
Friends: Whispering Shadow, Firestorm, Longfang, Aurora, Ember, Flame
Home: in Warfang.
Enemies: Demetrius, Evil Cynder, Gaul

It had been six mouths since Demetrius had been trapped in crystal with Evil Cynder.

While Gadzooks was still in the dragon hospital a new evil was rising in the land.

Unknown to all. It was watching, waiting for the Celestial moons to eclipse so it could free both the Dark Master and Demetrius.

“One day we will meet face to face Gadzooks. I look forward to waking the Dark crystal in you.” Said the evil dragon.

Unknown to all the Dark crystal that was both on her necklace and put inside her where slowly dissolving in to her body so Dark crystal where still inside of her.

“Gaul do you know where the well of souls is?” said the evil dragon.

“Yes master Zinger.” Said Gaul.

“Well do you where the opening to the crystal heart of the world where Malefor was trapped?” said Zinger who was a dragoness.

“Yes master.” Said Gaul.

“Good. Good. Now we must what for that silver dragoness to finish healing.” said Zinger.

Meanwhile in the hospital in Warfang Gadzooks was almost ready to go home.

“Now you will be able to go home in a bought two days. But I would like to give you through check up before you go though.” Said Ember.

“Ok.” Said Gadzooks happy to be finally able to go home for the first time since coming to Warfang.

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