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PostHeaderIcon An Assassins Life II: Family Chapter 3: A Journey

Chapter 3: A Journey 1490

The next morning I left for Castiglion Fiorentino with Ezio to pick up the new novice.

I said goodbye Damian before we left, I would miss him and he would miss me.

We rode a lot of the way in silence, stoping once for lunch before setting off again.

“Ezio? Why is Nate going to train me?”

Ezio looked over at me before he replied. “Because I think he will be a good mentor for you, and I think you will be to help him.”

“What’s wrong with him?”

Ezio shook his head. “That I do not know.”

“I understand.” I looked up and guessed that we had roughly an hour and a half before night fall. “We should probably find some place to stay for the night.”

We kept riding for a while longer before I spotted what looked like smoke up ahead. “Ezio, is that a…?”

“Farm? Yes, it is. Let’s see if they can give us a place to stay for the night.” He dismounted his horse and just walked toward the farm house, leading the horse along behind him.

I swung my leg over the saddle and slid off the saddle and onto the ground, my leg’s where stiff from ridding all day, and where cramping up. “Damn…”

Ezio looked back over his shoulder. “You alright Miranda?”

“I’m fine, just got a cramp, that’s all.” I stood up awkwardly and led my horse over towards Ezio.

“Alright then.” Ezio walked towards the house with his horse.

I followed after slowly, almost falling asleep on my feet, it had been a very long day and I was exhausted.

A man walked out of the house, spotted Ezio and walked towards us. “And what do you two want eh?”

“We would like a place to stay for the night, even one of your paddocks will do.”

“Hmmm, if you give me fifty florins each then you can stay in the stable and you can have some stew as well.”

“Very well then, you have yourself a deal.” Ezio dug out his coin pouch and counted out a hundred florins before giving them to the farmer.

“There’s a loft up the top if you want to sleep up there, otherwise there are a few empty stalls that are clean and would do.”

“Alright, thank you.” Ezio walked over towards the barn and a quickly followed him, keeping my hood down. I didn’t trust this man, there was something about him that I didn’t like.

Ezio opened the barn doors and walked in and found an empty stall for his horse, following him I found another stall and put my horse in and removed the saddle and reins before rubbing her down.

Looking up at the loft then at an empty stall with a thick layer of straw I decided where I would be sleeping. Placing the reins over the door and the saddle down in the stall to act as a pillow I sat down in the straw and tried to relax.

Ezio climbed up the ladder and had a look at the loft before coming back down. “I’m going to sleep up top, you want to come up too Miranda? There’s more than enough room.”

“No, thank you. But I’ll sleep down here.”

“Alright then.”

I took off my weapons and armour before lying down in the straw.

‘Molto bena, this is nice.’ I closed my eyes foe what felt like five seconds to open them again to the smell of hot stew.

“That smells nice.” Yawning I sat up before crawling over to Ezio.

“It’s delicious.” Ezio was trying to talk with his mouth full of bread and rich stew.

Smiling I picked up the other bowl and had a small bite before eating it with some bread.

A few minutes later all of the bread and stew was gone and Ezio looked like he was falling asleep.

“I’ll see you in the morning Miranda.” Yawning Ezio climbed up the ladder and lay down in the hay before falling fast asleep.

I crawled back into the stall and lay my head on the saddle before falling fast asleep as well.

It was almost midnight before it happened.

I woke up slowly, feeling like I was going to be sick any minute. I got up slowly and walked towards the door and tried to open it.

The door didn’t budge so much as an inch.

I heard footsteps in the straw and spun around, reaching for my sword instinctively but cursing quietly when I realized it wasn’t there. “Damn it.”

I looked around for the spot that the sound came from only to see the horses shifting around their stalls.

‘What the heck was wrong with me? Jumping at the sound of horses moving in hay?’ sighing I walked back over to where I had been sleeping.

If only I looked behind.

Just as I was about to lay back down some one hit me in the back of my head.

As I was going to turn to face my attacker I felt a rope around my neck tighten. I reached up to try and loosen it only to have another rope go around my wrists.

I cried out in pain as something sharp pierced my side before everything went black.


Miranda, Damian © Miranda

Ezio © Ubisoft

Nate © begorle01

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