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PostHeaderIcon An Assassins Life Chapter 8: Past reviled 1469

Chapter 8: Past reviled 1469

I don’t remember much about my past except the face of a kind and loving mother, I don’t remember my father much as I don’t think I ever saw him.

But one day it all changed, my mother disappeared and I never saw her again.

I did not know why she left but I never found out, but her servant took me to her home and raised me with her own children like I was one of them, the man I later came to call father was an assassin, the second in the order under Giovanni Auditore.

My life was a simple but happy one up until the day I turned ten, my father came home one day with a large gash on one arm and he asked me to look after it for him.

“Miranda, sweetie I think it’s time I started to train you so you would be able to survive when you leave home when you’re older.” Said Alfonso as I wrapped up his arm.

“What do you mean daddy?” I said, confused.

“I want you to train to be an assassin, like your older brother and myself.”

“Weally? You would train me? I said.

“Really, and thank you for looking after my arm.” Said Alfonso.

“Is not a problem.”

“Miranda, it’s time for bed sweetie.” Said Caterina, coming into the room.

“Awww, do I have to mommy?”

“Yes dear, you have a busy day tomorrow.” Said Caterina, kissing Alfonso’s cheek.

“Ewwwww, okay me go to bed now.” I said as I ran out of the room to my bed room.

Why did they do that in front of me all the time?

My room was in the roof of the house, the attic you might call it but I loved it as I would sit on the edge of the window some nights when I could not sleep and look out of the window over the top of the city at the stars and moon.

“Hey Miranda, you’re ready for bed already?” Said Antonino coming into my room.

“Yeah, daddy’s going train me like he’s training you tomorrow.” I said giving my older brother a hug.

“I see, you excited little one?”

“Yes, I can’t wait.”

“Well, it’s time for sleep little one, come on if you ask nicely enough I might even tuck you in.”

“Could you please tuck me in Antonino?”

“Fine.” Chuckled Antonino as he lifted me up into the air with his strong, powerful arms.

I giggled as he swung me around before putting me to bed.

“Antonino, could you tell me a story?”

“Well, maybe.”

Please Antonino, please.”

“Alright, but just one story.” Said Antonino as he sat down on the edge of my bed.

“Thank you Antonino.” I said giving him a hug.

“No problem little one, now what story would you like?”

“Um, I don’t know.”

“Then why did you ask for a story?”

“Cause I could.”

“Little one…” Sighed Antonino.

“Sorry Antonino.” I said giving him a hug.

“It’s alright, now it’s time for you to go to sleep.”

“Okay Antonino.”

“Goodnight Miranda.” Said Antonino placing a kiss on my forehead.

“Good… night Antonino……” I said falling asleep with a smile on my face.

The night passed uneventfully and everybody slept well.

The morning came and as the sun rose I was being woken up by my brother, Antonino.

“Miranda, it’s time to get up.”

“No, I want to sleep.”

“But is you sleep dad can’t train you.”

“Dad’s training me today?!”

“Yes, but you need to get up now.” Said Antonino with a smile on his face.

‘Okay, could you go out of my room so I could get changed?”

“Yes, see you later Miranda.” Said Antonino as he went out of my room.

I hoped out of bed and changed out of my night dress into some pants and a top, I quickly tied up my hair before leaving the room.

“I see you’re already to go Miranda.” Said Antonino as he saw me leave my room. “Still excited?”

“Yup, ready as I will ever be.”

“Well you have to have some breakfast first.” Said Caterina walking over. “Because I will not let you go and train on an empty stomach.”

“Okay mommy.” I said while going to the kitchen for some food.

As I sat down at the bench I smelled something wonderful.

Alfonso was sitting down on the other side of the bench, sipping a cup of coffee.

“Good morning Miranda.”

“Morning daddy.”

“Did you sleep well?”

“Yes, I slept very well.”

“That’s good.” Said Alfonso as he passed me a plate with some fresh bread and a glass of milk. “Now eat up, you’re going to need your strength.”

I ate my breakfast so fast I might have inhaled a very large part of it.

“Slow down little one, there is no rush.” Said Antonino as he came into the kitchen and poured himself a cup of coffee.

“Okay Antonino.” I said as I drank my glass of milk.

“Father, are you sure it was wise saying you were going to train her? Asked Antonino.

“I am sure, and besides she will have fun as well as not be so hypo.” Said Alfonso, chuckling.

“I’m not hypo, just excited.”

A few minutes later when Alfonso and Antonino finished their coffee and it was time for my training to begin.

“Come on little one, time for your training to begin.” Alfonso said as he put his empty cup on the bench and stood up.


Antonino walked outside followed by Alfonso and myself.

“So, where are we going to train dad?” I asked.

“Right here little one, right here in this city.”


“Because this is your home town little one, and besides it is easier to train somewhere where you are familiar with your soundings.” Said Antonino ruffling my hair.

“Okay Antonino, so can we start now?” I asked all excited and ready to go.

“Yes, race you two to the top of that church tower over there.” Said Alfonso, pointing to a church not too far from them.

“Now Go!” Said Antonino as he raced off.

I raced off after them both when I saw a pile off boxes leaning against a wall so I ran up them and over the rooftops, going faster than my brother and father.

I got to the tower first but didn’t know how to climb it safely until I saw my bother start to climb it. “You coming little one?”

“You bet I am!” I said as I climbed up beside him then past him.

I got to the top of the tower first and had a look at the view.

“You like it little one?” asked Antonino as he got to the top of the tower followed by Alfonso.

“I do.”

“Well now it’s time you learnt to do a leap of faith as it’s the quickest way down from the tower.” Said Alfonso as he walked over to the edge of the tower.

“What is that?” I asked.

“Just watch little one, just watch.” Said Antonino as he came over to the edge of the rooftop.

Alfonso just jumped off the rooftop and went into a free fall towards a bale of hay, Antonino then jumped off the roof after dad.

What on earth where they thinking?

“You coming Miranda?” yelled Alfonso as he got out of the bale of hay.

“You want me to jump?”

“Yes, just aim for the bale of hay.”

“Okay then.” I said before jumping off the rooftop and went into a free fall towards the bale of hay.

Antonino watched as his little sister fell towards the bale of hay. “Please land in it, please, please, please.” He thought.

I landed in the bale of hay and when I got out Antonino gave me a huge bear hug.

“Uh, Antonino are you alright?”

“Yeah I’m fine, why do you ask?”

“You just gave me a huge bear hug.”

“Oh, sorry about that little one, it’s just that I was worried about you, that’s all.” Said Antonino as he put me down on the ground.

“That was not bad for your first jump Miranda.” Said Alfonso as he came over to me.

“Not bad? That was really good for her first jump.” Said Antonino.

“Now, I need to go and talk to Giovanni, so Antonino I want you to train Miranda for the day if that is okay with you?” said Alfonso.

“It’s fine with me father.”

“Then I will see you two later.” Said Alfonso as he gave his son a little bag. “Buy something special for her will you?”

“Will do father.”

Alfonso patted my head before running off and blending in with a crowd.

“So, what are we going to do now Antonino?” I asked.

“Now, we go to the market.” Said Antonino with a smile.

“Okay Antonino.”

I walked next to Antonino while looking around at the stalls in the market.

“See anything that catches your eye Miranda?” asked Antonino as he looked around as well but for different reason.

“Yeah, a really pretty necklace.” I said as I walked over to a stall that was selling gold and silver necklaces.

Antonino had a look at them then asked the stall holder how much they cost.

“How much of this necklace?” asked Antonino as he held up a sliver necklace with a little bit of metal shaped to look like the assassins symbol.

“Five gold florins and it’s all yours.”

“Here you go.” Said Antonino as he paid the stall holder.

“Thank you, thank you, thank you.” I said bouncing up and down excitedly.

“It’s not a problem little one.” Said Antonino as he put it around my neck.

I skipped along next to Antonin while we walked through the markets back towards our house when I heard someone yell out. “That’s him, get him!”

“It’s time to leave little one, come on.” Said Antonino as he raced off, weaving in and out of the crowds.

I raced after him, really scared as I did not know what was going on. “Antonino, what’s going on?”

“I will tell you later when it’s safe.” Antonino as he ran towards a church.

I ran after him and I thought I heard someone come up behind me.

“Got you little one.” Said a guard as he grabbed me.

“Antonino!!!!” I screamed.

Antonino turned around and walked towards the guards, none of his weapons that I could see in his hand.

“Turn yourself in assassin and I we will let your sister go.” Said the guard as he pressed a knife to my neck and the tip broke the skin and blood trickled.

“Fine, you finally win.” Said Antonino as he walked over to the guards.

I was really startled when the guard that was holding me just dropped me suddenly, I turned around and saw Antonino had stabbed the guards with his hidden blades.

He then picked me up and carried me home.


Antonino, Miranda, Alfonso, Caterina © me

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