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PostHeaderIcon An Assassins Life Chapter 7: Pain and Betrayal.

Chapter 7: Pain and Betrayal.

Miranda put her laptop away as the plane landed in Venice, She looked out the window at the city, glimpsing sunlight on water.

Agent Manipulate also looked out the window but for a different purpose, she tried to spot the meeting point of which she would take the girl to. “This is going to be a lot harder then I originally thought.”

The plane touched down in the main airport of Venice the Aeroporto di Venezia Marco Polo (just a little bit of Italian for ya) or you could call it the Marco Polo International Airport.

Miranda grabbed her backpack and sword and got ready to hop off of the plane.

Agent Manipulate grabbed her pack and made sure she was ready to befriend Miranda before she would have to take her to Germany. (The location of the lab will remain a secret from all of the readers until it gets up to that part of the story.)

Miranda excited the plane and headed for the train station followed closely by Agent Manipulate.

As she paid for her ticket and waited for her train Agent Manipulate came over to her and accidentally trip’s over her bags.

“Are you okay????” asked Miranda.

“Yeah, I think so.”

Miranda moved her bags and helped Agent M back up onto her feet.

Agent Manipulate took this opportunity to inject Miranda with a really slow acting poison.

“So, where are you heading?” asked Miranda as she sat down on a seat to wait for her train.

“I am heading out to Germany en’rout via Italy.” Said Agent M.

“Okay, I am just traveling around Italy for a bit.” Said Miranda. “Oh and my name is Miranda.”

“Name’s Jane.” Said Agent M as she shook hands with Miranda.

The train arrived and both Miranda and Agent M hopped on.

Miranda watched the city go by threw the window of the train, growing sleepy for some reason.

Agent M watched Miranda closely, waiting for the right moment.

Miranda gasped suddenly before passing out... She woke up a few hours later, locked in a room and chained to a chair.

“So, you finally awake, eh?"

"Who’s there?"

“Oh you know me Miranda." said Josh walking into the light.

“Josh? Can you get me out of here?”

"No can do Miranda, I have my orders." said Josh as he stuck a needle into my arm.

“Why Josh? Why join them?" gasped Miranda, her mind becoming overwhelmed with pain.

“Because they helped me and you will soon join them."

“No, I would rather die than join them."

“You don't get a choice in the matter Miranda." said Josh, his eyes cold and hostile.

Miranda stared in horror at Josh, her best friend was turning on her, and joining the enemy he swore he would protect her from.

"Join me Miranda, join me and you need not suffer."

“I will never join you Josh! You hear me never I repeat Never!"

"Then you leave me no choice." Josh said coldly, his voice holding no emotion of any sort except anger. "I offered you the choice to join me but you turned it down, now you will regret that for the rest of your life!"

Agent Manipulate came into the room, a cloth covered in something smelling really strongly.

“Why? Why do you want me?” Miranda cried, feeling betrayed.

“You have info we need Miranda, and you are going to be our perfect weapon.” Said Agent Manipulate as she came over with the cloth.

“Now you will tell us everything we need to know and this won’t be so painful for you.” Said Josh.

“What is it you want to know?”

“We want to know where the piece of Eden is.” Said Josh.

“Never, I will never tell you where that is!”

“Then you leave me no choice.” Said Josh as he got another needle filled with a bright green fluid.

“What… what is that?”

“This is what will make you tell us everything we want and need to know.” Said Agent Manipulate as Josh put the needle into my arm.

Pain, was the only thing she felt, that and the overwhelming desire to tell Josh and Agent Manipulate all they desired to hear.

“Now, where is the piece of Eden?” asked Josh.

‘“Which one?”

“You mean there is more than one piece?” said Agent Manipulate.

“Yes, there are five pieces of Eden scattered around the world.”

“Where is the closest one to *whispers*, Germany?” asked Josh.

“Just five clicks form there.”

“Okay, now it’s time to leave.” Said Josh, nodding at Agent Manipulate.

Agent Manipulate held the cloth up to Miranda’s face and the smell slowly knocked her out, not waking up for a long, long time.


Miranda, Agent Manipulate, Josh © Miranda

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