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PostHeaderIcon An Assassins Life Chapter 6: Escape!

Chapter 6: escape!

The ground shook the power flickered and the lights went out.

“Miranda we have to get out of here right now.” Yelled Josh as he ran into my bedroom armed with a pistol.

“Alright, just give me two sec’s.” Miranda said as she snapped shut her laptop and grabbed her pistol.

Alright pause the story… now you’re probably wonder where they got a laptop and pistols? Well it’s no longer 1489, The Italian Renaissance but its 2012.

And yes I know it’s the year lots of stuff happens but this is the story of a girl who has no idea that she is related to the greatest assassins in all history… so back to the story.

Miranda then put her laptop into her backpack with food and water. “let’s get out of here.”

“Right behind you Miranda.” Said Josh as he looked out the window.

Miranda then raced out of her room and on the way grabbed her clock and sword.

Fire and smoke fill the air, making it hard to breath.

“Miranda you have to get out of here, you need to leave the country.” Said Josh as he ran next to Miranda.

“What about you?” said Miranda.

“Go without me, you are they one they want not me. Besides I can buy you some time but you need to get out of her right now no matter what happens.” Said Josh. “I know you don’t like to run but you have to otherwise everything we have been fighting for will be pointless.”

Josh then slammed his car keys into my hand. “Take the car and get out of here.” He then grabbed a grenade.

Miranda nodded and raced to the car, she then jumped in and started the car before racing away, not looking back once because she knew that if she did she would end up going back and being caught.

I got to the airport just twenty minutes later and parked the car and hoped out to get my stuff while keeping a look out.

After I had grabbed my bag and sword I locked the car and hid the key, because I knew if Josh survived which I have no doubt that he did would need the car.

Miranda then walked into the airport and headed for the terminal to give them her bag and ticket.

I was very aware of a lot of people watching me because I had a sword strapped to my belt and that is not something you see very often in 2012.

“Ma’am, I am going to have to ask you to give me your sword as you cannot take this on a plane.” Said a security officer walking over to me.

“You really don’t want to do that do you? Because I am sure you heard of the world wide sword tournament in Italy, haven’t you?” I said thinking quickly after a saw a poster for it.

“I am sorry ma’am, my mistake have a safe journey.” Said the security officer.

“It’s okay.” I said as I headed for the waiting room to wait for my plane.

Unknown I was being watched by a friend and an enemy.

“Sir, she has arrived. Do you wish for me to continue the plan?” said Josh, talking into a little wrist communicator.

“No, I need you to come back to Germany. But is Agent Manipulate there with you?” said the person on the over end of the communicator.

“She’s right here sir.” Said Josh, keeping an eye on Miranda.

“Good, good. Tell her to follow the girl and to bring her here after the she hop’s off the plane.”

“Very well sir, are there any last orders for me before I leave?” asked Josh.

“Take care of any witness that saw the fight at your place.”

“Ok, Josh out.” Said Josh as he hung up on the communication.

He then walked over to Agent Manipulate and told her, her new orders.

“So that’s it?” said Agent Manipulate after she found out what she had to do.

“Yes, I hope you have “fun” as she’s a really good fighter.” Said Josh.

Josh then walked out to the car park and grabbed his keys and started his car. “This is for the best.”

                                    --- Meanwhile in a lab deep in the heart of Germany---

“Are you sure it was a wise choice to let Agent Manipulate take out the girl?” said a lab assistant.

“Positive, and besides if I let the boy do it she would suspect too much.” Said the Doctor.

“As you saw, I can’t wait to see the new test subject.” Said the lab assistant as he cleaned up the lab.

“You will see her very soon, I am sure of it.” Said the Doctor as he looked at a monitor that showed his work and a little video of Miranda fighting with both a gun and sword.

“Soon the greatest experiment in history shall be done and finished.” Said the Doctor, rubbing his hands together.


Soon all shall be reviled, there will be new enemy’s and old ones, new friends and allies, if strength is not found then all shall fall apart at the seams with you along with it.

Pain is temporary but if it is a pain of the heart buried deep then it might come out to get you when you don’t need it, Pride is forever unless you fail in what you set out to do forever ashamed of what you have done.

But remember that Love is both an ally and an enemy, it can help you and strengthen you as well as strike you down and kill you.

Feelings can be both a good thing and a bad thing, if you don’t keep them in check they will come out and get you at the worst of times.

You need to keep yourself in one piece if you’re going to survive the next few months, because all you will know during them is Pain, Betrayal, and Loss.

Miranda signing out of her blog for the very last time…


Miranda, Damian, Josh, Agent Manipulate, Doctor, Lab dude © Miranda

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