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PostHeaderIcon An Assassins Life Chapter 4

My dream started like any other with me walking down a street.

I heard shouting coming from behind me, I looked and then ran as fast as I could for I was scared.

There was twenty Templers chasing me, now this is not really a problem and Templers don’t really scare me.

No what scared me was my family.

Now me and my family we don’t like the Templers so seeing them chasing me with the Templers scared me and they were armed, my mother with a crossbow, my sisters with throwing knifes, my brother with a knife, and my farther in his assassins gear.

I run in fear to get away only to find myself in a dead end with nothing I could hold onto to climb except a old rotting ladder, higher up there is a pole and a couple of wooden beams.

I climb up the ladder as I near the top it breaks so I jump to grab the pole that is behind me just as the ladder splinters on the ground.

I swing myself onto the beam in front of me, I then climb up onto the roof and run for the docks.

I heard a noise behind me and I look to see the Templers and my family behind me.

As I ran I saw some guards start to fire at me from in front of me and to my right.

I turn left away from the archers and the Templers.

In front of me is a market place with a haystack in it.

I jump and landed in the hay.

I got out and looked around to see that this was a trap.

There were guards with their bows and arrows aimed at me and at every entrance to the market square where five Templers to facing outside to the street and three inside the square to keep me in.

I start to back into a corner so that i could not be surrounded to feel a crossbow bolt in my shoulder.

I turned to see throwing knifes flying thru the air to hit me in my arms and legs.


I back into a corner just in time to block an attack by my brother, as his knife meet my hidden blade I felt a sharp pain in my belly, I look down to see a big gaping wound.


I fall to the ground clutching my sides in pain, wanting it to end.

My father came up and stabbed me right in my chest.


As I lay there dying I looked to see all of them looking at me with a fire in their eyes, as I breathed my last I saw Damian Elero.

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